Amended October 17, 2020

I. Composition

  1. In accordance with Chapter IV, Section 30, Bylaws, American Dental Association, the First Trustee District is composed of the following Constituent Societies
    1. Connecticut State Dental Association
    2. Maine Dental Association
    3. Massachusetts Dental Society
    4. New Hampshire Dental Society
    5. Rhode Island Dental Association
    6. Vermont State Dental Society

II. Purpose

The purpose of the District shall be to represent the interests of the constituent state members within the American Dental Association, and to provide a forum for discussion of statewide and regional issues relating to the profession and oral health – as described below:

  1. To represent the interest of the dental profession of this District at the ADA House of Delegates
  2. To organize and conduct the affairs of the District in an orderly and efficient manner 
  3. To strengthen the position of the District in association affairs on all matters pertaining to the profession of dentistry
  4. To receive the report of the First District Trustee
  5. To develop opportunities for discussion about topics relevant to the profession and the district
  6. To provide a Caucus where delegates, alternates, and member constituent societies may present resolutions and other matters for consideration, support or approval
  7. To inform and assist the representatives of the member constituent societies to be more effective in matters before the ADA House of Delegates
  8. To develop strategies and assign speakers to address the ADA House of Delegates on issues of interest to the District 
  9. To select by ballot, when required, a nominee for the office of Trustee in accordance with the Bylaws of the American Dental Association, Chapter VII, Board of Trustees, Section 40. Nomination, Sub-section B. Multiple Constituent Districts.
  10. To confirm a Caucus Chair in accordance with these Bylaws
  11. The Caucus shall not usurp the authority of the individual constituent society delegations to act on their own behalf. However, in an effort to strengthen the position of the District in national affairs, the Caucus may submit resolutions, amendments to existing resolutions, and/ or take whatever action it deems necessary to promote the positions that best serve the member constituent societies.

III. Caucus Membership

  1. Active Members
    1. Membership in the caucus with voting privileges as specified in these bylaws shall be defined as and limited to all members of the First Trustee District certified by the American Dental Association as Delegates or Alternate Delegates. Each state shall determine their Delegates and Alternates on an annual basis or as they see fit
  2. Ex-Officio members
    1. The following individuals shall serve as ex-officio members of the caucus with privileges of the floor but without the right to vote or make motions:
      1. Member constituent society officers that are not delegates or alternate delegates and executive directors (chief administrative staff person).
      2. Current ADA officers, council, and committee members
      3. One ASDA member dental student from each of the dental schools within the District.

IV. Meetings of the Caucus

  1. There shall be a minimum of two meetings of the Caucus each year to be held prior to and during the Annual Session of the American Dental Association. 
  2. Any additional meetings of the Caucus, as deemed necessary may be called by the Trustee, Caucus Chair or a majority of the delegates and alternates of the district. 
  3. Electronic conferences are considered meetings of the caucus provided they meet the criteria of these bylaws. 
  4. Attendees
    1. The following individuals may attend the caucus:
      1. Invitees of the Trustee or the Caucus Chair to present information to the caucus but with no other privileges of the floor. Any member wishing to have a guest address or sit in on the Caucus must have prior approval of the Trustee and/or the Caucus Chair. 
      2. Other guests by majority vote of the caucus.

V. Quorum

  1. A quorum of the caucus would be made up of 60% of members able to vote and representing at least one member from each state.

VI. Voting

  1. All delegates and alternates may vote on all Caucus matters except as stated in the next paragraph.
  2. Only seated delegates will vote on matters pertaining to the Bylaws and in elections of the Caucus.
  3. All votes supporting Caucus action on resolutions will require a majority vote of all delegates and alternates present and voting before endorsement may be made.
  4. Electronic Voting- Unless otherwise restricted by these bylaws, any action required or permitted to be taken by the District may be voted on via electronic method if a majority of the members consent through telephone conference, web conference, fax, mail, or electronic mail. Voting on Caucus and District issues may occur via the above aforementioned methods as long as a quorum is obtained as described in Section V of the bylaws.

VII. Officers

  1. Trustee
    1. Eligibility, Selection, and Term of Office
      1. Any ADA member serving as a Delegate, Alternate Delegate, or Secretary from the member constituent societies is eligible to be Trustee
      2. The Trustee is elected in accordance with Section IX of these Bylaws
    2. Duties
      The Trustee Shall:
      1. Be The senior officer of the Caucus and the First District of the ADA
      2. Report the business of the ADA at all Caucus meetings
      3. Nominate a Caucus Chair in accordance with these Bylaws
      4. Appoint a Secretary/Treasurer, and two Whips
      5. Initiate all calls to the Caucus except as otherwise prescribed in these Bylaws
      6. Make such other appointments or assignments not covered in these Bylaws, as deemed necessary, to conduct the affairs of this Trustee District. Such appointments or assignments shall terminate at the end of the next Annual Session of the ADA
  2. Caucus Chair
    1. Eligibility, Selection, and Term of Office
      1. Any ADA member serving as a Delegate, Alternate Delegate, or Secretary from the member constituent societies is eligible to be Caucus Chair. 
      2. The Caucus Chair shall be nominated by the Trustee at the District first preconvention Caucus in odd numbered years and confirmed at a Caucus meeting during the subsequent ADA Annual session by a majority vote of the Seated Delegates present and voting. If the nominee is not confirmed, the Trustee will nominate another person. 
      3. The confirmed Caucus Chair shall serve a four-year term in concurrence with the trustee, beginning at the end of the Annual Session at which selected, or until the successor is confirmed. 
    2. Duties
      1. Shall be responsible for the notification of all eligible persons of all scheduled meetings within a reasonable period of time to ensure full participation. 
      2. Shall preside over all meetings of the District Caucus. 
      3. Shall, in consultation with the Trustee, supervise all correspondence. 
      4. Shall, in consultation with the Trustee, make all Reference Committee assignments of Delegates and Alternates and appoint a Chairman to report to the Caucus for each Reference Committee. 
      5. Shall appoint a Resolutions Committee, made up of six (6) members including a Chairman, one from each member Constituent Society, to draft and transmit resolutions from the caucus to the Secretary to the House of Delegates. 
      6. Shall be present on the floor of the House of Delegates for the entire meeting
  3. Caucus Secretary/Treasurer
    1. Eligibility, Selection, and Term of Office
      1. Any ADA member serving as a Delegate, Alternate Delegate, or Secretary from the member constituent societies is eligible to be Caucus Secretary Treasurer
      2. The Caucus Secretary Treasurer is appointed for a period of one year by the Trustee, in consultation with the Caucus Chair.
    2. Duties
      1. Shall work under the direction of the Trustee and/or the Caucus Chair and fulfill all duties assigned. 
      2. Shall be responsible for credentialing and recording attendance at Caucus meetings. 
      3. Shall be responsible for keeping the minutes of all meetings and mailing the appropriate minutes in the call of the meeting.
      4. Shall be responsible for oversight of the collection and expenditure of all monies necessary to affect the business of the Caucus. 
      5. Shall render an annual financial report to the Caucus accompanied by an annual audit in accordance with these Bylaws. 
      6. Shall deliver Caucus records to the next Secretary/Treasurer at the end of the term of office. 
  4. Caucus Whips
    1. Eligibility, Selection, and Term of Office
      1. Any ADA member serving as a Delegate or Alternate Delegate from the member constituent societies is eligible to be one of our two Caucus Whips
      2. The Caucus Whips are appointed for a period of one year by the Trustee, in consultation with the Caucus Chair
    2. Duties
      1. Shall work under the direction of the Trustee and/or the Caucus Chair and fulfill all duties assigned. 
      2. Shall be responsible for assisting the Trustee and Caucus Chair in fostering strategic alliances between the District delegation and other delegations of the ADA House of Delegates.
      3. Shall work with the Caucus Chair to develop strategies to promote the interests of the district at the ADA House of Delegates
      4. Organize and facilitate testimony and other floor activities for the delegation during the course of reference committee hearings and ADA House of Delegate Sessions. 
      5. Shall be responsible for ensuring communication between reference committee chairs and the Caucus Chair regarding all resolutions being tracked by the delegation for testimony and/or amendment.
      6. To provide orientation to new first district delegates and alternates at the pre-convention caucus meeting on an annual basis

VIII. Officer Vacancy

  1. In the event of a vacancy in the office of Caucus Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, or Whips, an interim officer may be appointed by the Trustee to fulfill the unexpired term of that vacancy.

IX. Election Procedure for Trustee
The Trustee shall be nominated and elected in the manner prescribed in these Bylaws and in compliance with the Bylaws and other governing documents of the American Dental Association.

The process is as follows:

  1. The candidates for Trustee shall announce their candidacy no earlier than January first of the third year of the current Trustee's four year term.
  2. The candidates are encouraged to visit the member Constituent Societies.
  3. The election shall take place at the preconvention Caucus the same year (the third year of the current Trustee's four year term).
  4. The Trustee shall appoint an Election Committee.
    1. An Election Committee shall be convened by July 1 of the year of the election.
    2. The committee shall consist of six (6) seated delegates, one from each member constituent society. The current Trustee shall be a member of the Election Committee in an advisory capacity, but shall have no vote.
    3. One member from one constituent that does not have a candidate shall be named chairman.
    4. The Election Committee shall present the candidates for Trustee Elect to the Caucus at the preconvention Caucus. Additional nominations may be made from the floor of the Caucus.
    5. Before the ballots are cast, each candidate shall be allowed a maximum of fifteen (15) minutes to use at his / her discretion, of which at least five minutes must be reserved for Questions and Answers. This fifteen-minute presentation shall take place without the other candidates present.
    6. The Election Committee:
      1. Shall prepare the ballots which shall contain only the names of the candidates in alphabetical order;
      2. Shall distribute one ballot in a sealed envelope to each seated delegate present at the Caucus as the Secretary / Treasurer calls the roll of eligible seated delegates; who then proceed to a secure/private area.
      3. Shall ensure that the Ballots shall be "voted" and "cast" in a confidential manner by use of a secure voting area, at which one delegate at a time votes privately.
      4. Shall collect the ballots in a covered container;
      5. Shall then proceed to a private area to count the ballots;
      6. Shall report the result to the Caucus as soon as the count is completed.
    7. A majority vote of the seated delegates present and voting shall elect a nominee.
    8. If there are more than two candidates, and one does not attain a majority vote:
      1. The candidate with the lowest vote shall be dropped and there shall be another ballot of remaining candidates.
      2. If two candidates tie for the lowest vote, and there are two or more higher candidates, the two lower ones shall be dropped and there shall be a new ballot with the other candidates;
      3. If two candidates tie for the lowest vote and only only candidate is higher, all three shall be re-balloted until this situation changes.
      4. These procedures shall be repeated immediately until only one candidate receives a majority vote and is elected trustee-nominee.
  5. Before the ADA Annual Session at which the Trustee is to be elected by the House, the ADA shall be notified of the selected nominee for Trustee.

X. Protocol for First District Support of National Office Candidates

  1. Any individual seeking First District support must declare their candidacy by January 2 of the year prior to the formal announcement. The caucus will then have a closed ballot vote.  The proposed candidate must secure at least 2/3 of the caucus vote to qualify for district endorsement and financial support.
  2. District vote for support of any District candidate can be held unless the candidate is supported by their constituent state society or association by written announcement to the District by January 2nd of the same year. 
  3. This rule may be suspended by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the seated delegates present and voting.

XI. Finances

  1. The finances of the Caucus shall be managed by the Caucus Secretary/Treasurer. 
  2. There shall be an annual audit of the financial records conducted in concert with the annual audit prepared for the administrative society where the account of the District resides. This audit report will accompany the annual report of the Caucus Secretary/Treasurer. 
  3. All expenses incurred by the district for official business of the caucus and ADA Annual Meeting shall be prorated on the basis of the number of delegates from each of the constituent societies. 
  4. The Caucus Chair shall be reimbursed for lodging and meals at the preconvention caucus at a rate determined annually. 
  5. The Caucus Chair and the Caucus Secretary/Treasurer shall be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses in the conduct of their office.

XII. Amendments

  1. These Bylaws may be amended at any legally constituted meeting (Notice and Quorum) of the District by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the seated delegates present and voting, provided that a thirty (30) day notice is given of the proposed amendments.
  2. These Bylaws may be amended by unanimous vote of the seated delegates without notice.

XIII. Parliamentary Authority

  1. The rules contained in the latest edition of the American Institute of Parliamentarian Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure shall govern this Caucus unless superseded by these Bylaws or Special Rules.