ADA First Trustee District Caucus Strategic Plan


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Vision and Mission Statements

First District Mission Statement

The ADA First Trustee District Caucus is the collaborative voice for oral healthcare and the dental profession in New England.

First District Vision Statement

Facilitating the best oral healthcare delivery in New England and nationally.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

Goal 1:  Collaboration on District Issues

  1. Identify and respond to current and emerging regional and national issues annually
    1. Share legislative strategies and processes
    2. Utilize ADA HPI for data driven decision making
    3. Work collaboratively to educate the district grassroots membership on issues

Goal 2:  Maintain a Dynamic First District Caucus Organization

  1. Evaluate the operational and administrative functions of the Caucus
    1. Annually review procedures and protocols-outcome assessment
    2. Identify best practices management
    3. Provide shared resources for administrative team
    4. Review Bylaws and Policy Manual every 3 years
    5. Develop a budget based on individual state budgets for Caucus activities
  2. Establish communications protocols to achieve the caucus mission
    1. Update website
    2. Share interstate websites
    3. Utilize the ADA website where possible
    4. Establish a private message board for caucus discussions
  3. Provide leadership development processes for Delegates, Council members, and Caucus officers

Goal 3: Be Recognized as a leader at the ADA

  1. Implement ADA HOD protocols and training to maximize effectiveness
    1. Provide delegate training
    2. Implement outcome assessment protocols for the First District caucus
    3. Coordinate state delegation outcome assessment
  2. Establish ongoing networking opportunities at the ADA
    1. Continue the district suite
    2. Organize district suite visits
  3. Appoint issue experts to ADA positions
  4. Run a candidate for ADA office every 3 years